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Dana Rovang has a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Chicago, an MA in European History from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a BA in Anthropology and Religion from the University of Iowa.  Rovang’s doctoral dissertation was on 18th century performance magicians in London and how they used science vocabulary and principles to fill their theaters, in addition to education and illumination of obscure priciples.  In a way, they were science educators, and they helped to inspire more traditional educators to take creative license in making knowledge accessible and interesting to a popular audience; this is very much like the vision of Obscure Histories.  Rovang has had a longstanding interest in popular knowledge making practices and public knowledge distribution.




Rovang has worked as a text editor, videographer, video editor, web designer, course producer, instructor, and media director and producer for several years in higher education and in professional media production.   She has developed websites, online magazines, edited non-fiction books and articles, and is published in peer-reviewed journals.  She is accustomed to coordinating “nuts to bolts” media productions, from organization of crew and talent, to technological applications and video production. Rovang’s passion is creating engaging content for a wide audience.  She has won several awards that reflect her dedication and excellence in academics.


Here's a story about Rovang's work on performance magicians from the University of Chicago.


Rovang is currently a project director for CPOST at the University of Chicago, as of 9/1/2015.



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