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Research and Curriculum Specialist

Michael Gott has a B.A. in History and Secondary Education, with an endorsement in the social sciences, from Saint Xavier University (2014). Michael’s senior research project focused on the way Chicago newspapers portrayed the 1909 Burnham Plan of Chicago (from 1909 to 1919), and how this helped to create a civic identity among Chicagoans.


Michael’s primary interests include several areas of world history, including European, East Asian, and American histories. In the past he received an Early European Historical Scholar award from De La Salle Institute for his research on the ancient druids of Ireland and Britain. For three years he worked seasonally as a research assistant for a Civil War historian, performing archival research at the University of Chicago’s Special Collections Library.


He taught World Geography and History of the Holocaust at Holy Trinity High School as part of a teaching internship offered through Saint Xavier University. During that time he furthered his knowledge of East Asian history, culture, and geography by participating in an Indiana University seminar called Teaching About East Asia, from which he received a certificate endorsing his experience in teaching those areas. He has expressed an interest in seeking a higher degree in East Asian languages and civilizations in the future.


Michael also enjoys studying economics; particularly macroeconomics. He spends much time studying political development and economics from around the world, having done research on Morocco’s political development in the past. International relations and global cooperation also interest him and he has participated in the American Model United Nations International Conference in the past. In addition, he has expressed an interest in pursuing a future career in the United States Foreign Service. Michael also enjoys learning foreign languages such as Japanese, German and French, as well as teaching himself computer programming.


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