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Everyone has a story.

We're always delighted to hear from interested readers and fellow researchers. Please feel free to drop us a line any time with comments, complaints, questions, or any story ideas or leads.


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OH is a multi-faceted media and educational enterprise devoted to supplying engaging, short-form historical material that is also rigorously sourced. While there isn't a shortage of original history content on the Internet, OH is unique among this popular genre with its focus on STEM and the sciences, and the additional online resources for each story, which include comparative documents, primary materials, archives, supplemental histories of science, timelines, and videos. OH seeks to be a "gateway to inquiry" for the reader, and supplies additional links and resources to help you learn more about a topic. Curated searches (The Rabbit Hole) take your investigation to the next level, with results in Goggle Scholar, Images, and News.


OH is further moving from the blog model to a journal model, with a Quarterly publication. Stories will be available online and in a downloadable PDF. Again, this departs from many other content models currently available.


Our authors range from amateur historians, educators, interested hobbyists, and professional historians who want to reach a broader audience. If you want to contribute to OH, please email the editors using the form on the "Content" page. We are not a wiki, we are not a blog. We are an enterprise devoted to providing entertaining, informative stories about History and Science that are rigorously researched and sourced in primary materials. 


OH is History with Science.






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