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OBSCURE HISTORIES wants to hear from you. We are led by our community, and very few ideas and submissions are not accepted. We work with all submissions collaboratively to create polished posts.

You can submit an idea or a fully developed piece. These guidelines are broadly general. Each submission is treated individually.



Word Document or Google Doc submitted to dana @

OH prioritizes pieces that rely on written and visual primary sources

  • Length: 1000-2000 words

  • Vocabulary level: High School to College level

  • Sources: Use links to your sources in the text where you would make a footnote reference (highlight 2-3 relevant words in your sentence to footnote).

  • Images: Please place images within the body of the text, with appropriate captions and links to online image source. If the image was taken by you, note that in the caption. If the image is taken by you of an archival material, make sure it isn’t already online.


We want to eliminate any barriers to information, and this means making the vocabulary in the piece broadly accessible.

Please pitch your language to newspaper-level (~10th grade) or slightly higher. Some higher level words are ok! Our audience is smart, and we don’t want pieces that talk down to them, either. We just want the information to be presented well and easy to read. Here is an online assessment you can use to get an approximation of grade level. 


Many texts are able to be searched for specifics. You are also able to create links that go to specific page numbers. Google Books is also a resource with searchable text.



Please use images that are in the Public Domain or Creative Commons. Please identify and link to all images found online in your captions.


Smithsonian Open Access

Obscure Histories, Jr. has a page of extensive links to search engines for online visual materials. If you use an image from a museum, check to make sure it isn’t restricted. Note links and all citation information for your caption.

OH, Jr. Resource page

If you have an idea for a topic, please send it through the contact form below.

We look forward to hearing what you want brought to light!

Your communication was sent successfully! We will respond as soon as possible!

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